How do we choose the best content for our audience?

What interests one is not necessarily what will interest others. We work broadly. The goal is to combine the greatest influencers with broad audiences and niche content that will astonish and will not be easy to find online. Here is where we come in! We find those content owners and easily access them to the user’s TV screen. Among the categories, you can find content on Food, Travel, Sports and Fitness, DIY, Gaming, Humor, Entertainment, Kids content, Interesting facts and even Meditation.

“Content is the most precious property”

What next?

The goal is to expand into a wide range of subjects, such as documentary films, entertainment films and television series from all over the world. In addition, in the near future, we will enter the world of online shopping. Users will be able to access coupons and promotions very conveniently right from the living room screen. We will also turn to the world of social gaming. Since the app is displayed on the big screen of the living room, a center of social activity, the advantage of games emerges, just like board games of two decades ago. And how can we leave behind our best friends? We’re also working on an entertainment app for dogs when they’re alone at home.


In conclusion,

We at Snow TV work every day to access the TV screen and connect viewers with relevant interesting content. We believe in the new CTV world that has entered our lives in recent years and can be seen replacing conventional television quickly. Online advertisers understand this and are willing to invest large budgets in order to reach these audiences, where the connection between television advertising and online targeting is very valuable.