Dear Viewing Community,

So many things happen around us simultaneously in the Liner and none liner connected TV environments. Most are quite ordinary, but some are fascinating.
Our job at SnowTV is to concentrate popular interests and present our viewers with the most interesting things that are happening today in the real world via CTV / OTT Apps on their favorite OTT Boxes.
Our goal is to create a community of viewers that is not small but not too large and too scattered, the contents of which will always be up to date, fun, interesting, and clearly organized in categorized channels.
We carefully choose the content we work with and always make sure that our content is quality, as opposed to other platforms where anyone can upload almost any content they want and thus create content inflation. Each viewer can find something that suits him or her in SnowTV CTV Apps.
Our content is renewed every week.

We would like to share with you how we choose content and content owners to add to our App library
more on that later.