When considering how to build your media stack, you have 3 main Media Types: Direct Media, programmatic Media, and O&O Media.

Understanding the buyer’s needs is essential. We often ask our demand partners, whatever it’s a brand, a product or an agency then runs several of them, what kind of media they would like to bid for. They are looking for the right media.

But what is the “right” media?

O&O Media excels at being unique, and highly controllable in the way a creative is being served. However alone it cannot provide the required volume and diversity.
Direct Media allows solid volumes, proven quality, and some diversity. It has limitations in terms of reach.

Programmatic media has the strength of unprecedented reach and variety, while being audited by industry standard and in-house ad quality tools. Although being accessible through multiple channels, not just your own, it becomes important to have it as part of the desired media stack.

Adding to Media, there must be a technological added value, to clear ad quality, automate the buying process, mitigate technical challenges such as discrepancy and present in-depth data on the media for analysis and optimization.

Technology is required to create an optimal selling and buying flow and keep both publisher and advertiser satisfied (back-to-basics note: publishers want the highest rates and revenue possible, advertisers want best value for their buck and efficiency for their spend – Maximum for Minimum, it’s an actual challenge to meet both these needs)

Let’s not forget that the demand is managed by advertiser requirements and they tend to change constantly. At any given time, they flip their interest between reaching high volumes across a big diversity of sources, and a diversity of different devices and screens, or some very specific hot trending mobile Apps/ websites/ CTV Apps, or segments, or a new-not-yet-known vertical, and so on.
how could you cater to those ever-changing needs with just some of the media reach available?

Taking it from an idea to action, here is how we do it:

S&W, focusing on video across Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile in App and OTT / CTV, has Both O&O (e.g SnowTV CTV Apps on android TV, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon fire stick) and direct supply, while connecting to the most prominent Programmatic sources.

AdservME, being an Exchange for Display ad formats (Push, Native, In app, Full page Pop, contextual), connects via OpenRTB / Xml / SDK / API to direct sources as well as to handpicked Programmatic sources.

So, it’s not just about the media, but how you stack it, and how precisely you access it to meet your demand’s ROI and KPI’s.

In the end of the day it’s about quality, diversity and reach, packed together.
Buyers deserve to have it all, and we should always strive to accomplish their needs.